In 1976 some Pathologists gathered in the PMA House Garden Road, Karachi to form a forum for pathologists and they named it Pakistan Association of Pathologists (PAP). A total of 18 pathologists were present and Prof N A Jaffery from Jinnah Postgraduate, Medical Center was elected as founder president and Dr. Mansoor Dar was elected as founder secretary/treasurer. The office of PAP, since then, rotates in the city from where the president and secretary/treasurer are elected. 

During subsequent years this association became stringer and bigger and presently the total number of memberships including junior members and associate members has exceeded. A very successful policy for improving the awareness of the subject of Pathology in institutions and hospitals was to hold annual conferences of PAP in different cities in the medical colleges and local hospitals or ideal hotels; so that the doctors in these hospitals realize that the subject of Pathology is not confined to a small clinical laboratory, but it is the largest subject of the medical sciences with numerous subspecialties such as histopathology, microbiology, molecular pathology, hematology, chemical pathology, immunology, cytology, forensic pathology and applied cytogenetic.  In addition when PAP became a member of the South Asian Society of pathologists, these academic, conferences were held every two years in different regional countries including Pakistan. This gave an international exposure to our pathologists, who in competition tried to present better research papers. In addition every four years an international conference of PAP is held on rotation giving a chance to different cities to organize a very large moot of pathologists. Senior pathologists played a vital role in improving the Pathology services and strengthening the association of Pathologists.

 Modern era and Training of Pathologists

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