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Executive Council Members webinar Meeting on Zoom

Agenda of PAP Meeting.

  1. Tilawat
  2. Approval of minutes of last PAP Meeting 5-7-2020
  3. Introductory remarks by President PAP
  4. Histopathology Atlas by Prof. Shahid Pervez
  5. Art Gallery of PAP
  6. CME Activity by Professor Brig. (R) Aamir Ijaz
  7. Training programs for young Pathologists by Elsevier and PAP
  8. Amendments in PAP Constitution
  9. PAP News Bulletin
  10. Mobile App
  11. PAP Membership procedure
  12. Next Annual PAP Conference
  13. PMDC vs PMC

Any other point with permission of chairperson

Your participation will be highly obliged.

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Webinar Recording Elsevier, in Collaboration with Pakistan Association of Pathologists

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Elsevier, in Collaboration with Pakistan Association of Pathologists

Atlas of Diagnostic and Predictive Histopathology

Atlas of Diagnostic and Predictive Histopathology

Second Edition

Click Here to Download

The Art of Pathology competition is now open to UK and international entrants

Dear IAP-Pakistan & HCSP members,

Below email is for your information. More details can be found at www.rcpath.org/artofpathology .


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Coronavirus testing Update: varieties of commercially Available COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests and Utilities


Italian association of clinical and forensic pathologists

Thanks to autopsies performed by the Italians … it has been shown that it is not pneumonia … but it is: disseminated intravascular coagulation (thrombosis).

Therefore, the way to fight it is with antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

The protocols are being changed here since noon!

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Study Telehealth at the University of Health Sciences Lahore


Emerging Resistance to Antibiotics and Management of Enteric Fever


Download Now MMIDSP 2020