Pakistan Association

of Pathologists

The Pakistan Association of Pathologists was founded in late 1975 by 28 pathologists.

About Us

Scientific Programs

Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists

Pakistan Society of Haematology

Histopathology & Cytology Society of Pakistan

Pakistan Society for Immunology

Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan

Association of Molecular Pathology Pakistan

Pre-Conference Workshops

PSI: Application of Immunofluorescence in Autoimmune Diagnostics
PSCP: Case-Based Workshop on Newborn Screening
PSI: Clinical & Diagnostic Utility of Flowcytometer in Immunology
AMPP: Clinical Diagnostic Cytogenetics
HCSP: Dermatopathology Workshop
AMPP: FISH: Clinical Applications
PSCP: Drugs of Abuse Analysis
AMPP: HLA Typing
AMPP: NGS-Illumina Software Portfolio for Clinical and Research Applications
PSH: Transfusion Workshop; Chughtai Institute of Pathology
MMIDSP: Meeting the challenges of Carbapenem Resistant Organisms: Journey from In-vitro to In-vivo
MMIDSP: Building Fungal diagnostic capacity: bringing FUN to the lab
MMIDSP: Role of Imaging in Clinical Microbiology
MMIDSP: Mastering Clinical Audit
MMIDSP: Laboratory Quality Management System
MMIDSP: From bench to bedside: diagnostic parasitology insights for clinicians and laboratory practitioners

Post-Conference Workshops

HCSP: Hepatobiliary and Urologic Pathology
HCSP: FRC Path Mock Exam