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Thanks to generous donations to the AMP Leadership Fund, each year up to five  non-U.S. laboratory professionals who would not otherwise have access to AMP services and activities due to limited financial resources in the applicant’s local environment may apply to receive one year of AMP  membership at no charge.  Successful applicants receive AMP regular membership for one calendar year and online access to The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

If you are not an international member but have international colleagues who may be interested,  please forward this information to them.


The deadline to submit all required materials for an International Membership Grant is May 5, 2014.


International Membership Grants Eligibility and Application Requirements


Laboratory scientists from countries outside of the United States who are  currently involved in clinical molecular diagnostics are encouraged to  apply. Current or past AMP members are not eligible, however, previous IMG recipients may apply for a second year grant.

Please note: If you are  awarded a grant, you will be required at the end of the grant to communicate to the Membership  Affairs Committee how your AMP membership has assisted you and others in your  area.

Application Requirements:

1. An application letter that includes the following 6 items:

  • Contact information, including name, email address, mailing address,  phone and fax numbers. Please be certain to indicate the best way to contact  you.
  •  A statement indicating why you desire to be a member of AMP and how  membership will help you or your institution in your work as a clinical  laboratory professional with a focus on molecular pathology.
  •  A list of professional memberships.
  •  A list of activities with local laboratory associations.
  •  Describe resources such as from your institution or other grants that may  be available for you to pay AMP membership dues. If no other support is  available to you to pay AMP membership dues, please state this.
  •  Ways in which you can share your AMP benefits with local and national  colleagues, such as teaching responsibilities.

2. Your resume (or curriculum vitae)

3. Two (2) letters of support from those in laboratory medicine, healthcare  administration, or other official capacity. Letters from active AMP members  are strongly recommended.


The deadline to submit all required materials for the International Membership Grant is May 5, 2014.

E-mail the application requirements to:

Questions?  Please contact Kathleen Carmody


For more information on the AMP international grant program please visit: