About PAP

Pakistan Association of Pathologists

The Pakistan Association of Pathologists was founded in late 1975 by 28 pathologists. Now its more than 600 members are spread allover Pakistan comprising of Private pathologists, Pathologists from Government Hospitals, Private and Government Medical Colleges and Pathologists from the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Association of Pathologists is the founder member of the Asia Pacific Association of Societies of Pathologists (APASP)


Aims and Objectives of the Organization

To promote the advancement of Pathology by co-operation with allied sciences, by the encouragement of research, by the improvement of teaching and technical methods, through scientific meetings in affiliation with other national and international organizations which will help in furthering the above mentioned aim and to represent the view points of Pathologist in national and international fora. The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian body and the scope of its activities shall be exclusively confined to the aims and objects of the Association. Under no circumstances, the Association shall be used for any political, commercial or individual interest.